How to Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child

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Central issue: Dealing with grown children who disrespect you as a parent and/or as a person.

Method: Channeling the Unconscious God

Grown children who disrespect their parents are actually fighting their own development as adults. They are unconsciously choosing to remain locked in an age-old power struggle. It’s almost like an addiction in which you keep doing something that ultimately gives you awful results.

What are grown children who disrespect their parents trying to prove?

That they are adults; their own person who is free to agree or disagree with the central authority figure in their life.

Revenge for being a bad or less than a perfect parent is also a factor.

The irony is that all of these efforts only serve to keep the adult child locked into a battle with his or her parents in which the adult child plays out the – you guessed it – child role!

That’s not how to become an adult.

How to Deal with Disrespectful, Grown Children

For parents, the key is to forgive yourself. Yes, now let that sink in.

All the way in. You, the parent of this grown child who has somehow learned to treat you poorly. You must forgive yourself. It’s the key to moving on for you and your adult child.

Inner Dynamics training might work well in this case. Parts psychology, for lack of a better word. Why parts psychology? Because it’s the key to finding your core self.