Elements of the Church of the Unconscious God

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A religion needs: source of inspiration scripture or official text ritual community funding missionary work enrollment prerequisites enrollment ritual ongoing worship I’m an atheist as far as the supernatural goes but I do know a bit about how to organize a religion from a practical perspective. Will this become an actual religion? Probably not. But it would be pretty cool:)

How to Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child

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Central issue: Dealing with grown children who disrespect you as a parent and/or as a person. Method: Channeling the Unconscious God Grown children who disrespect their parents are actually fighting their own development as adults. They are unconsciously choosing to remain locked in an age-old power struggle. It’s almost like an addiction in which you keep doing something that ultimately… Read more »

I Can’t Stop Overeating

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can't stop overeating

I can’t stop overeating. We thank Belessunu for her guidance: Most people are starving. And they do not realize that mental, emotional, and spiritual starvation are physical phenomena. Such self-deprivation slowly deteriorates your brain and body until you ultimately succumb to it. Starving for what? Equilibrium. Calm, balance; the ability to stay centered when being pulled in multiple directions. But… Read more »